Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Geez I am slipping....

Just when I think I am doing well and will actually keep my blog up to date, I fail miserably as I become entranced with my day-to-day mundane tasks. Todays' blog is one I need to write because my heart feels heavy. I live in "Happy Valley" and since Sunday, there has been nothing happy about it. A tragedy has occurred in my town involving my alma mater and my thoughts run the gamut. A high profile past football coach has been arrested for molesting at least 8 boys over a 10 year period and during that time, it was covered up for him. Perhaps it is that because I have two young boys that my heart aches. I wish total punishment on these men. But, the Christian heart inside of me says that I should know that their actions are not separate from any mistakes I have made in my own life. Sure, I haven't done anything of this nature but God says that ALL sin is equal in his eyes and he forgives us for them all. I can usually accept that statement but recently, I just can't get my heart around that. I grieve for these boys and their families. For the future issues they will have because one man was very sick. Because many men didn't do the right thing. But, everyday, people, including myself, don't do the right thing. So, while my head can agree with all of the sentiments that these men should be terribly punished, my heart says that they should be spared from our judgement lest we want the same judgement upon our own lives. I can accept that at some point, they will need to reckon with what they have done. It just doesn't seem fair...but then again, what in life is?

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